idea: depositTime (opposite of requestTime)

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    MySensors already has a requestTime feature.

    In my network the controller is not connected to the internet. But there is a GSM modem in one of the devices, which receives the current time from the GSM network.

    The node could send the current time to the controller.

    Perhaps it's nice to make this a feature? Or is this too much of an edge case?

  • Why don't you just use an existing message type to send the time to the controller?

    Imo the real challenge would start the moment the GW handles the message over to the controller:

    • has the controller sw the necessary rights to change system time (in my case: no...)
    • how to deal with conflicting info from different sources?

    Imo, it's already possible for the rare use case there might be left over (but as explained needs some manual configuration). Especially when using a Pi: add a RTC and make some manual updates on that every now and then (if necessary).

    Just my2ct.

  • This post is deleted!

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