Modifying a code to work with RFM69

  • Hello guys. I have this transmitter and receiver code which is written to work with Nrf24L01 modules using RF24 library by TMRh20. I would like to use RFM69 modules instead of nrf modules. Can you please give me some pointers so i can start working on it. I dont even know which library should i use for the RFM69 modules. Any help is appreciated as im quite a noob in coding 🙂 thank you

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    Welcome to the MySensors community @orhanyor
    For a MySensors node, switching between nrf24 and rfm69 is just using

    #define MY_RADIO_RFM69

    instead of

    #define MY_RADIO_RF24

    For a sketch that does not use MySensors, I guess LowPowerLab’s library is the way to go. That’s whay MySensor uses underneath. I have never used it directly though.

  • @mfalkvidd
    hey man thanks for the input. i was thinking to find radio related lines and see what kind of classes they use there and try to find the equivalents in lets say LowPowerLab’s library. is that a good way to go? i wish it was coded with mysensors it would have been much easier to switch in between 😞
    i also found this library it also seems to support both modules. honestly i dont know which one is easier.

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