MySensors on MSP430 + NRF24L01

  • Hello
    I got to make a working sensor on MSP430G2553 and NRF24L01+
    Perhaps it will be interesting to someone else.
    It compiles in Code Composer Studio V8.

    MySensors v2.3.1 library changed to work on MSP430G2553 microcontroller
    with NRF24L01+ as transport.
    -NODE - work, takes 8Kb out of 16Kb flash and 232 byte out of 512 RAM

    • Gateway Serial - not tested, in the process. (In earlier versions it worked, but there were many changes later that could affect.)
      now i use Orange Pi + NRF24 as gateway.
    • Repeater mode not tested.

    NRF24: MOSI - P1.7 MISO - P1.6 CLK -P1.5 CSN - P2.4 CE - P2.3 IRQ - P2.5 defined in nrf_userconfig.h
    debug output to soft_serial (bitbang) TX-2.0 RX-2.1 (115200)
    serial GW RX-P1.1 TX-P1.2 (115200)

    • node.cpp - user program which is similar to arduino project.

    • some useful defines for MyConfig.h i define in MyConfigAddon.h

    • work on 16Mhz

    • IRQ of RF24 now work. (implemented on Port 2)

    • launchpad button on on P1.3 work with interrupt.

    • HW UART and SPI uses interrupt and Low power mode 0 (LPM0) to sended/receive data.

    • Watchdog disabled.

    • hwSleep use LPM0 and watchdog timer interrupt to wake

    • hwCPUVoltage - implemeted, not tested.

    • hwMillis use TIMER0_A0 interrupt.

    • Circular buffer - work.
      MY_RX_MESSAGE_BUFFER_SIZE value MUST be power of two (2,4,8...256).
      this is due to optimization (mod % changed to using bit mask)
      mask for index which prevents overflow. if size=4 what corresponds to b0100 then mask=size-1 = 3 what corresponds to b0011
      so if Index greater than 3 (size=4 and idx values= 0,1,2,3) and if apply a mask, the index will never be exceeded. -> 5 & 3 = 1 (b0101 & b0011 = b0001)

    • RF24_DEBUG() outputs to debug UART the name of the function in which it is lunched in addition to predefined debug messages of MySensors.

    • serial debug messages may be highlighted in colors.
      example - ("Start demo sensor, press " GRN "SW1." RST "\r\n") - prints "SW1" in green color.

    • MyMessage::getString improved to use less memory

    not work:

    • EEPROM - cant save config
    • Encription
    • LEDs - not tested.
    • interrupt callback in sleep/wait function.
    • OTA Firmware/ Logging
    • Signing

    Source Code at BitBucket

  • WOW, nice work

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