Help creating a scene

  • Hi everyone

    Not sure if there is anyone here who can help with this. For some reason I can't post on the Vera forum so I've posted here because you all have always been very helpful!

    I made this: I would like to control it using scenes in Vera, but I can't get it to work.

    To access the switch, I enter on a web browser, and I get this : alt text touch a button and the state changes.

    I have had some success though. I downloaded an Android app called "IoT Remote Control". Using this I can change the state. This is the info I've entered into the app. alt text

    When I use this app to change the state and then refresh I see a change of state.

    If it helps, to change the state of each switch by using the browser, I can type, where S1 is which switch it is, and on is the state so it can be off.

    What is the best command to create in a Vera scene?

  • The links didn't work, sorry.

    They are and

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