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  • Question, is or will there be a MySensors update to a real mesh network such as the Zigbee Light link?

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    @jabo MySensors uses a star topology, so no mesh. If you haven’t already, check out for more information.

  • At first glance, need very little. Make the repeaters a little bit smarter. 🙂

  • This would be cool.

    Playing off what @berkseo said... we would just need to give a normal node the repeater functionality or vice versa.

    I'd be willing to contribute to this functionality in some way if we can get others onboard.

  • @chey As far as I understand this is alrady possible to make all nodes 'repeater; nodes. But the downside is that this will generate more RF 'network' traffice ans could be counter productive.

    Better to try out the 'tree' network first and make repeaters where they are the only other option.

  • @skywatch I have yet to play around with the repeater functionality but i will be soon since i live in a giant old house.

    Most of my nodes are battery powered.
    I do have one that isn't so i'll start there. If repeater mode works as intended I should be able to move a battery powered motion sensor I have farther away from that usb powered node.

    This should be a good test. Don't you think?

  • @chey Yes it would be a good start - have as few repeaters as you can and don't sleep them or run them on batteries unless it's the only way you can do it. Also worth making small movements of the NRF module to see if it will improve range as a move of 10-50mm can make quite a difference to the quality of the signal.

  • Test was a success. My Dryer sensor is now a repeater as well. I was able to move my motion sensor farther from my dryer and have it work the same.

    1 Thing to note is I did have to restart the gateway in order to get the motion sensor to flow through the repeater. Something that could be improved on maybe?

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