Irrigation Controller miniboard

  • Hi everyone!! First of all thanks for all the fantastic stuff here with MySensors in general and the Irrigation Controller in particular.

    I've successfully deployed the controller in my garden with a modified version of the original project: I've added a 5V DC mini transformer and a minimal LCD. Hereunder you can see the homemade version of the pcb already installed controlling 7 sprinklers through HomeAssistant

    Now I'm in the process of creating an enhanced version of the board and the v1.0 is already ordered from a professional pcb manufacturer and must be at home in 4-5 days O_O.

    From the code point of view, I've moved to a simple state machine to make the code more easy to understand and extend. The integration between MySensors and HomeAssistant is not the best and it took a while to make them work together. My next move will be to add different programs from HomeAssitant (but I don't know when ;( )

    At the moment I'm releasing the schema and board if it's in the interest of someone:
    EasyEDA jcataluna

    Hope it helps 😉

    home made PCB

  • @jesus-cataluña
    Hi great work!
    Any chance for your sketch? There isn't many working sketches (without many errors in log) for home assistant. Unfortunately I can't write code.

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