A stupid question...

  • When declaring/presenting sensors for a node, what it's the first id to consume, zero or one?

    I was looking at the network topology when I saw that the sketch I made for relay modules, has the relays starting at 0. Where all other nodes I made are starting at 1. That's because for that relay nodes, the sketch uses a template and populates the sensors from an array, that could be passed from the network (as var, text...). So it starts with item 0. And I never looked back.

    But I think the sensor 0 is reserved for internal messages isn't it?
    The sensors for those nodes are presented as binary but it happens that they appear in every controller as dust sensor. Now I'm suspecting from everything.

  • Plugin Developer

    • For node IDs, 0 is reserved for the gateway.
    • For children of a node, you are free to use 0. In this case 255 is reserved.

  • I was not sure about it, and the paranoia took control.

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