• I've been experimenting with gateways. I've been using an MQTT gateway running on an RPI zero. I like this because of the fast (relatively) processor with a lot of I/O (I'm running a 25 zone irrigation system).

    I am developing a low cost energy meter and to test it out on my developments system I tried to use a Serial gateway. no joy, see Serial Gateway woes

    Then I tried the TCP gateway running on an ESP8266 (NodeMCU 1.0). To get that working I had to reload the ESP8266 library and the MySensors library. It works great! ... but the example is limited to 2 devices connected to it. Has anyone tried more devices? My experience with an ESP8266 access point (which is limited to 4 clients and pathetically slow) tells me that not many nodes can connected to it.

    I use Home Assistant as a controller. I did discover that the MySensors integration can run the MQTT gateway and the TCP gateway. I wonder if it is possible to have multiple TCP gateways?


  • @OldSurferDude well, the ESP8266 is limited to 4 TCP clients in arduino IDE. This can't be really increased. I did som experiments and you can set it up to 15, but after the 5th client on my web server, I got a freeze.

    Maybe you got something wrong. #define MY_GATEWAY_MAX_CLIENTS 2 defines how many controllers (eg Home Assistant) can connect to the gateway, not how many sensors/MySensors devices.

    And yes, you can have multiple TCP gateways in HomeAssistant. I got an NRF24, an RFM95 long range and a RFM95 short range gateway (all based on ESP32) on the same Home Assistant.

    Regards, Edi

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