Need help with and serial gateway.

  • Hi all,

    I have a serial gateway connected to the RaspberryPI running
    I've also built a sample BinarySwitchSleepSensor.
    I can see the logs on the serial gateway - it seems like it receives the messages from the sensor just fine.
    My problem is that I cannot see the sensor in the Home Assistant, no matter what I do...
    Running ls -l /dev/tty* command brings me this:

    The configuration.yaml contains the following section:

        - device: '/dev/ttyAMA0'          
      optimistic: false
      persistence: true
      retain: true
      version: '2.0'

    In one of the attempts I actually saw the sensor (even two, for some reason) though the state never changed.
    I'm unable to see them anymore...

    Some more info:
    After RPI reboot, the "hassio hardware info" command shows:

    But after reattaching the USB I see
    So, it seems like the gateway is invisible after the boot. Chanding ttyAMA0 to ttyUSB0 in the configuration file just results in error notification on boot...

    Can someone please help me with this? What am I doing wrong?



  • @alexc I can't help you but I do have a question. What steps did you take to make the raspberry the serial gateway and run on the same time. To run hassio you need to flash the raspberry sd card right?

  • @alexc I don't know for sure, but it can be permission issues which you probably won't be able to fix as you are running I suggest using docker image of the Home Assistant on a plain Raspbian install. This you way you will get full access to all features of your Raspberry.

  • Did you solve your problem? I had a similar problem, but using an Ethernet gateway, until I discovered that my sketch was not using the 2.x API, contrary to the gateway. This is also the case for the BinarySwitchSleepSensor you mention. You might want to try with a sketch based on the last one on this page (using the 'initialValueSent' variable):
    After updating to the 2.x API, my sensor showed up in the entities list of Home Asisstant (v0.106.6, HassOS 3.12, on Raspberry Pi 3) and I could create a UI card for it.

    (For some reason the entity is read-only in Hass.)

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