What's your favorite circuit simulation software for beginners?

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    Up to now I haven't delved into circuit simulation software, but I do recognize that it can be a really useful tool. So, which one should I use? LT Spice is, of course, free and widely available. However, Falstad looks a bit friendlier to me. That said, systemvision (https://www.systemvision.com/) looks like it might be even better.

    I like the circuit animation of everycircuit (http://everycircuit.com/). I'm not sure whether it is limited in the kinds of IC's it can simulate though.

    What else should I maybe consider?
    Anyone here have a favorite that they'd like to recommend, and why?

  • @neverdie I've used only Falstad's simulator. But found some problems with it, for example Op amp was doing something weird when was fed with 0v, and I had to build physical prototype to check my sanity:)
    Anyway it is pretty useful and easy to comprehend, but I wish something more robust. Thanks for sharing other options, I will try them, though I can't access systemvision, it seems it doesn't like my IP for some reason.