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  • I am looking for a simple solution to use one node as indicator that power is applied, so controller can detect status of this node. When power is OFF node is dead, when power is ON node is operational and its status is available to controller. Will appreciate any help.

  • Perhaps if you power a Node with a PSU with battery backup you can detect if the mains fails that way?
    That is the arrangement I have with the central heating boiler as it senses the 24v relay differential which reduces to zero when the contacts close. As this would also result from power failure, the Node monitors both VIN and Vrelay to verify Power On/Fail, Boiler On/Off....

  • @zboblamont Thank you, but I am trying to avoid powering node from dedicated power supply. I would like it to be powered by power source that goes on and off. One solution is to program it as WDT, generating pulses when it is powered up, so controller can detect condition when node is off.

  • @zboblamont Thanks again, amazing how human mind works, I came up with WDT solution while responding to your post...

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    You could probably also have a supercap which supplies just enough power for a "last will" message from the node, just before it dies.

    When using a WDT you're spamming the network with "I'm here" all the time..

  • @tbowmo Spamming network is a valid concern. I will look into super cap solution and send message or two when power goes ON then message when power goes OFF.
    Also, I need to investigate how to let nodes communicate with each other without controller getting involved. Thank you.

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    Perhaps a broadcast once an hour, with "I'm here and I'm alive". I'm doing this with all my sensors, even battery powered ones.

  • @tbowmo Thank you, supercap idea works fine, my first experience with supercaps.

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