Passing variable to sensor via radio network.

  • Hi,

    I have a following set-up already up&running in my home.
    Main cotroller: Vera with MySensors plugin and RFX433/Zwave devices
    MySensors gateway build on RPI with 3 sensors (GAS&CO&PARKING).
    RPI is used also as MQTTY broker (mosquitto).

    Use case:
    Parking sensor works great in my garage, but it is working all the time even if I do not need it 🙂

    Use case modification:
    Void loop() is executed in following way : normal sketch is executed only if the garage door is open, otherwise do nothing. Garage door sensor is available in Vera as normal door/windows sensor over RFX433.

    Is it possible to deliver the Garage door status variable to Parking Sensor over MySensor plugin and radio network??
    Should I use MQTT? Will it work? How to retrieve the value in sketch??

    Thank you for suggestions.

  • @halo6 I use Domoticz instead of Vera, but the general idea should work.
    Add another child sensor to your parking sensor that is a binary switch. Maybe S_DOOR, V_TRIPPED or S_BINARY, V_STATUS. That switch gets presented to your controller. Then have the parking sensor listen for a message to that child ID and work normally if on or do nothing (but listen for messages) when off.

    In Vera, write a small script that turns on the new parking sensor switch when the garage door is open, and turns it back off again when the garage door is closed.

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