Arduino Due for SPI TFT screen

  • I've been trying to find the best hardware setup to have a TFT screen scene controller for MySensors.
    I've tried several TFT shields for the mega but all the ones I've found have no way to turn off the backlight for the screen and I don't want it burning on 24/7. I eventually found a good one that has a SPI interface with seperate backlight power pin.
    I then discovered it needs 3.3v logic so I tried using level shifters with the mega which worked but I wasn't happy with the mass of cabling I ended up with. I know I could design and build a custom shield but I really was looking for a more 'off the shelf' solution.

    So then I found the Due - runs nicely at 3.3v, has a tidy SPI port and a bit more power than the mega. But it won't work with MySensors!
    I've found a few old threads discussing the Due like this one ( I tried doing as the thread says to allow the SAM architecture but it just wouldn't work, lots of compile errors. Does anyone have the Due working under MySensors who could share what they did to get it going? The radio needs to go on soft SPI too I'd guess.

    Anyone who can help here? Starting to acquire a growing pile of hardware of which none of it quite fits together as I want!

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