Momentary output command to node

  • So I've been diving into my setup a bit more now, as my work schedule has lightened due to the state of the world. My question is, because I'm a dummy 🙂 is I have the mysensors platform running on a UNO with a relay shield. Now, in MyController, you can latch, and unlatch relay outputs, but there isnt anything to allow a momentary pushbutton action. Now, is this unattainable from MyController, and if it is, would MySensors sketch running at the node allow a lockout after x seconds of being asserted from the controller as on, so it reverts off, even if someone forgot to turn off the relay. Even better, I did see there is ack commands in MyController, so if the sketch only allowed the relay on for x seconds, the ack command could revert the controller to off state?

  • Also, ideally, moreso very necessary, the momentary needs to be sorta snappy, as I am planning on connecting to a starter circuit on the generator, so which is why i was thinking more at the node built into the sketch as opposed to the controller, due to lag times in data to/from node

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