OpenLoop Noob, need to know if what I want to do is possible

  • Good afternoon,
    I have a specific need to write an application for Vera that doesn't exist, but does in other z-wave controllers, such as Home Assistant. I have a Kwickset Kevo smart deadbolt, and there is no native API, but someone has reverse engineered the calls and posted the Python code up on Github. I've already stood up a Raspberry Pi and ran the code, and it works perfectly. There are basically three Python calls that 1) check for the lock status 2) lock the deadbolt, and 3) unlock the deadbolt. Very simple.

    Someone developed a plug-in for Home Assistant that allows users to run these scripts from a Home Assistant sensor/switch. I'd like to develop do the same thing with Vera, but I'm not really sure where to start. I thought about SiteSensor, but I don't believe it can push anything to the server to run the scripts, so I believe I'm going to need to write my own code. I'm not an extensive coder, or at least I haven't been since the mid 90's, so I'm a little rusty.

    First off, is this even possible with Vera and OpenLoop? Second, how hard would it be, or would it even be possible, to make this a stand alone app and not rely on an external server running the python scripts? The code isn't that all that long (300 lines of code or so), but does depend on some html parsers libraries.

    What is my best approach? Has anyone already done this in an app that could be used in Vera? How do I get started?

  • Hi @tamorgen - sorry for the reply to your old post (ignore if you've solve this already - or perhaps it's valuable still).

    Have you looked at the Reactor Plugin for Vera? (it's on Github too - by Patrick Rigney aka Rigpapa from the Vera Forums). I believe it runs on OpenLUUP as well if you were external to Vera.

    There are example use case videos on Youtube for it.

    It is a logic engine for LUUP - (if/then/else/and/or/not/timers). You can react to any variable or device state. (ie if door not locked, lock it, then unlock it). You can chain actions or conditions together as well.

    This was probably done in the past with PLEG, but I was never fond of PLEG so I wrote some conditional stuff directly in LUA, but since Reactor came along - it's so powerful, lightweight and a no brainer to use.

    I'm probably going to write some battery monitoring and door state monitoring with MySensors with it shortly.


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