MYSController and Sensebender Gateway not Communicating

  • I have spent a long time going through the posts to try to figure out what my system or I am doing wrong. But from the beginning, about three/four years ago I started with MYSensors and initially integrated it with OpenHAB. Some three years ago I moved to Home Assistant. In all this time and even now the sensors using MySensors firmware have worked well. And it still do! I discovered MYSController about 6 months ago after starting out writing my own (also using Lazarus) so decided to use the that software rather then re-invent the wheel. However I can not make the software do anything useful. That is in never shows any nodes or the data between them. I can only connect to the Sensebender ethernet MQTT gateway by serial connection. The ethernet connection is connected to the Home Assistant so I know it works but get back from the IP address 'no reply'.

    Using the serial connection then data is shown in the MYSController Debug tab but with errors. The messages tab does not have anything. or the Nodes tab. Using the Discover function seems to do nothing. The following is an example of the data in the debug tab. Note this gateway is NOT connected to a Controller in this instance thus the 'GWT:RMQ Fail' errors. Is ErrorFlag=255 meaning listed anywhere?

    20/04/2020 21:37:07	RX	19659 GWT:TPC:IP=
    20/04/2020 21:37:07	ERROR	ErrorFlag=255, Msg=19659 GWT:TPC:IP=
    20/04/2020 21:37:08	RX	20659 GWT:RMQ:CONNECTING...
    20/04/2020 21:37:08	ERROR	ErrorFlag=255, Msg=20659 GWT:RMQ:CONNECTING...
    20/04/2020 21:37:10	RX	22661 !GWT:RMQ:FAIL
    20/04/2020 21:37:10	ERROR	ErrorFlag=255, Msg=22661 !GWT:RMQ:FAIL
    20/04/2020 21:37:10	RX	22662 TSF:MSG:READ,23-23-0,s=0,c=1,t=0,pt=7,l=5,sg=0:21.0
    20/04/2020 21:37:10	ERROR	ErrorFlag=255, Msg=22662 TSF:MSG:READ,23-23-0,s=0,c=1,t=0,pt=7,l=5,sg=0:21.0
    20/04/2020 21:37:10	RX	22662 GWT:TPC:IP=
    20/04/2020 21:37:10	ERROR	ErrorFlag=255, Msg=22662 GWT:TPC:IP=
    20/04/2020 21:37:11	RX	23663 GWT:RMQ:CONNECTING...
    20/04/2020 21:37:11	ERROR	ErrorFlag=255, Msg=23663 GWT:RMQ:CONNECTING...
    20/04/2020 21:37:13	RX	25664 !GWT:RMQ:FAIL
    20/04/2020 21:37:13	ERROR	ErrorFlag=255, Msg=25664 !GWT:RMQ:FAIL
    20/04/2020 21:37:13	RX	25664 GWT:TPC:IP=
    20/04/2020 21:37:13	ERROR	ErrorFlag=255, Msg=25664 GWT:TPC:IP=
    20/04/2020 21:37:14	RX	26665 GWT:RMQ:CONNECTING...
    20/04/2020 21:37:14	ERROR	ErrorFlag=255, Msg=26665 GWT:RMQ:CONNECTING...
    20/04/2020 21:37:16	RX	28667 !GWT:RMQ:FAIL
    20/04/2020 21:37:16	ERROR	ErrorFlag=255, Msg=28667 !GWT:RMQ:FAIL
    20/04/2020 21:37:16	RX	28667 TSF:MSG:READ,24-24-0,s=28,c=1,t=38,pt=7,l=5,sg=0:6.32
    20/04/2020 21:37:16	ERROR	ErrorFlag=255, Msg=28667 TSF:MSG:READ,24-24-0,s=28,c=1,t=38,pt=7,l=5,sg=0:6.32
    20/04/2020 21:37:16	RX	28668 TSF:MSG:READ,24-24-0,s=29,c=1,t=38,pt=7,l=5,sg=0:6.32
    20/04/2020 21:37:16	ERROR	ErrorFlag=255, Msg=28668 TSF:MSG:READ,24-24-0,s=29,c=1,t=38,pt=7,l=5,sg=0:6.32
    20/04/2020 21:37:16	RX	28669 TSF:MSG:READ,24-24-0,s=30,c=1,t=38,pt=7,l=5,sg=0:6.32
    20/04/2020 21:37:16	ERROR	ErrorFlag=255, Msg=28669 TSF:MSG:READ,24-24-0,s=30,c=1,t=38,pt=7,l=5,sg=0:6.32
    20/04/2020 21:37:16	RX	28669 GWT:TPC:IP=
    20/04/2020 21:37:16	ERROR	ErrorFlag=255, Msg=28669 GWT:TPC:IP=

    I'm sure I'm doing something fundamentally wrong as all the posts I see no one seems to have a problem connected to the gateway. I'm using version 2.3.2 of the mysensors software with some nodes using 2.3.0.

    Can some one please give me a clue as to how to connect to the gateway via ethernet or point me in the right direction, is the port I should use different to the default? I would like to expand my MySensors from the existing 6 nodes (Uno and Nano, all working fine with Home Assistant) and thus think the MYSController software will be really helpful.


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