I have some question

  • Hello my name is Kevin and right now i'm doing some project for my thesis

    My thesis is about implement MQTT-SN protocol to Home security using Arduino Nano,NRF24L01,and PIR Sensor

    and i want to build my MQTT-SN Client with Arduino Nano,NRF24L01 and PIR Sensor then for my MQTT-SN Gateway i just use Arduino Nano and NRF24L01 and For the broker i will try to use Mosquitto that i run on my laptop and after that i will send the data from broker to my Handphone using android

    so the problem is, can anyone tell me which library i can use for my MQTT-SN client and MQTT-SN gateway?? because i know that to connect to the broker i need two of that and right now i still don't know what library should i use that already support Arduino Nano and NRF24L01 for MQTT-SN protocol

    Thank you

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