V_ARMED vs V_TRIPPED questions.

  • Re: A few random questions (V_tripped vs V_armed)

    i have a door sensor, and an defined MyMessage msg(CHILD_ID,V_TRIPPED);

    It notifies me wether the door is open or not.

    How can it also be connected to the alarm, in order that:

    1. alarm unarmed and being home, only notify that door is open or not.
    2. alarm armed and being away or not, notifies that door is open or not and in case of open, also activates the alarm.

    how to use V_TRIPPED and V_ARMED?

    Thx in advance

  • Mod

    @pw44 I would say that raising an alarm or not is the task of the controller, not the sensor. The sensor should only report door status, and the controller combines a number of parameters to decide if the alarm should sound.

  • Agree with @Yveaux.
    V_ARMED can be used in battery powered door sensors to preserve battery, or to reduce traffic. don't send V_TRIPPED if V_ARMED is not set. Sounding alarm is controller's decision.

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