Arduino 1.6.0 and MySensors

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    it seems that arduino has changed the SPI library when bumping to the 1..6.0 release, it now supports transactions, as described here

    Is MySensors compatible with these changes? The SPIFlash library, that I use for accessing the external flash on the Micro sensor, needed to be patched in order to function correctly after upgrade to the new arduino.

    I haven't come to the part, where I have used the nrf24 module with arduino 1.6.0 yet (Still verifying all the other hardware onboard the Micro sensor). So is there anyone else that has more experience with the new arduino?

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    I think radio still works fine. Did some sanity checking/verification the other day (development-branch) with 1.6.0. But that was only with the radio on the bus.

    But transactions is good. Will this perhaps solve the old SPI W5100 problems?

  • I upgraded to 1.6.1 and tried writing the gateway code to arduino with the w5100 ethernet shield. The check wires problem still remains the same.
    I did as mentioned in some post to disable the soft SPI and then uploaded the sketch and it worked fine. I guess w5100 problem still persists

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    Guess they would have to start using the new SPI.beginTransaction() in Ethernet library before it would work.

    But this is perhaps just wishful thinking from me. Maybe the W5100 is just simply broken when it comes to sharing SPI with other devices.

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    I run 1.6.0 with W5100 ethernet just fine. But I do not use soft SPI.

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    So from what you are saying, I conclude that 1.6.0 will work for normal plain nodes (where it's only the radio, or radio and SPI flash..)

    I'll try it tonight then, just didn't want to "waste" time growing more grey hairs, if it wasn't working 🙂

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    I'm not sure what happens when you add external SPI flash into the mix.

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    Well, since radio uses SPI I guess if there was an issue, nothing would work 🙂
    But the SPI flash device might have some special requirements which was broken.
    I use a hacked EthernetGW since my commit that manages SPI_EN signal was removed from development branch so I am not using fully "vanilla" code though. But that is a HW problem in the W5100 module, not in the libraries and my fix is a workaroud for that specific HW isse (and only applicable on W5100:s with SPI_EN accessible to the AVR.

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