Recommended hardware for medical alert

  • Last year, I requested input on an alert system for my ailing father. His health degraded rapidly and he passed away before I could develop the project. Unfortunately, my mother is now facing her own health challenges and I want to help her by putting together a system that best suites her needs.

    She currently subscribes to a medical alert service but it does not function as she would prefer. (calls go out to medical personal, by design, and not nearby family members).

    She is mentally sharp but weak, so she is asking if I could put something like this together:

    Press wrist button once (hold for 5-10 seconds) = text message or recorded message sent to my sister.

    Press wrist button a second time (hold for 5-10 seconds)= message another nearby family member.

    Press wrist button a 3rd time(hold for 5-10 seconds) = send pre-constructed message to 911.

    Obviously, the unit she wears must be small and have long battery life (rechargeable).I can do everything via an arduino nano and wireless but that is not practical for wearing and battery size/life, etc...

    I am not familiar with all the hardware options out there. Any ideas of how I can approach this? It is only for her home, where she has wifi.

    Thank you in advance for sharing your ideas and knowledge.

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