MYSBoatloader burning confusion

  • I have watched the video and tried to follow along. here
    My test board is a pro mini 3.3V 8Mhz
    I can read the fuses with AVRDUDESS and I get
    L FF
    H DA
    E FD

    This does not seem to match with the recommended settings but there is no mention what to do on the video?
    The text suggests burn other values.
    I am guessing I have an external oscillator as I can see the crystal on the PCB? The instructions don't show settings for 8MHz external.

    Next I have copied over the necessary boards.txt information, but there are 2 options for 8MHZ. MYBL8 and MYSBLNRF.
    Both show up in the arduino IDE as 8MHz RC in the boards/frequency section.
    I dont't know which one to choose.

    Also if I want to to use a channel greater than 110, I need to compile the hex file.
    Is there a guide on how this is done. I have searched but drawn a blank.

    Any guidance appreciated.

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