Mozilla WebThings Gateway - Opensource

  • Is this a good thing or a bad thing? in other words, will this help the evolution of the gateway or should I start looking for something else?

  • @rmalbers Im using webthings controller. It works well and has a good adapter to MySensors written by Candle. The controller is very stable. Im using adapters like mail and kafka as well as webthings adapter for a esp sensor. Seems to have adapters for everything as the framework is easy to code for.

    Graphing isnt great. I use an adpter to kafka to stream to Node Red. I really like the secure proxy service, so I can acess from anywhere and not have to do weird activities with my firewall. Data stays in my local network.

    I do have the similar concerns re lack of activity on the project. I'm hanging in there as i have invested so much time..

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