MySensors PC Gateway - is it possible?

  • Hi!,

    I have following setup:

    HomeAssistant<==MQTT Ethernet==>ServerPC<==SerialPort /dev/ttyUSB0==> Arduino running MySensors.

    I'd like to ask if its possible to configure MySensors PC gateway to act as a gateway for sending messages from arduino to HomeAssistant?
    I can't figure it out, but it seems that is MySensors PC is available only for Raspberry PI?

  • @NeoX
    Why not use the MQTT Gateway? This way, if you move off home assistant, you will still be able to use your sensors. I use one with an Uno and it is working nicely.

    Others could answer regarding the PC Gateway.

    Karl S

  • @NeoX my sensors Gateway seems to require an nrf24 radio. I've not found a way to connect this radio to a PC.

    I am not sure, but I think the Gateway will run on an Arduino. The Arduino could run mqtt with an ethernet shield. Maybe...there might not be enough code space and it might be too slow. The Gateway running on an Arduino (with a radio attached) would use the serial port (USB) and the home automation controller, eg. home assistant, running on a PC uses the other side of the serial port. I have not run this configuration so I can't report on its viability.

    I'm running the mysensors Gateway on a Raspberry Pi using mqtt. On a Linux computer, I'm running a mqtt broker and virtualbox in which I run home assistant and it's working great. That is, so far. I'm only halfway through my project.

  • You need to connect a MySensors Gateaway to your home assistant home automation controler.

    usually you can build a gateaway based on an arduino uno and connect it through serial port USB to the machine running your home assistant.

    alternatively you can build an ethernet gateaway (for instance with an ethernet enabled arduino) and communicate with your home assistant through tcp/ip

  • @hlehoux
    Yes, but here i have a problem that i actually i want to monitor environment inside RACK with my servers.
    My HomeAssistant controller is quite far from RACK, so i cannot connect directly.

    Using Ethernet Shield is possible, and as i see its only way now. But AFAIK it is waste of money, since ive got plenty of USB ports, so why not use them ? 🙂

    I need to think, maybe it could be easily possible to develop transport module based on simple UART. Then use of standard raspberry pi gateway on PC with commented GPIO and SPI code should work 🙂

  • Mod

    @NeoX maybe your existing serial gateway connected to one of the servers, with usb over ip to your HomeAssistant controller would work?

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