Need help for yacht lighting wireless switch

  • Hello world,
    I'm in need for some guidance, i used mysensors in the past to build an automated growbox and it was great.
    5years later im in need of technical advice to refit an automation system aboard a yacht.
    The original system is using eclettis switches connected to something called navylec as gateway/controller.
    We want to get rid of the navylec and to simplify all the lighting.
    Switch eclettis->sender(zwave,zigbee,433..)->receptor ->relay control-> light

    I dont want a central controller/server with any interface, the goal is just to control the light wirelessly because there is no cable coming to the eclettis switches. What solution would you advice me ? Eclettis switch are compatible with everything but some of them have 8 buttons on 1 switch

    I join the eclettis switch documentation and ill be very thanksfull for any help

    Eclettis catalog and switches documentation

  • @Damien-0

    Eclettis looks proprietary and digging into it could be quite the challenge. They also look like they operate on AC. If that's the case, you might consider replacing them with Sonoff devices which have much of what you need: radio or wifi and a relay. You may not need a central controller if your clever with programming.

    Otherwise, Home Assistant running in a container along side mosquitto on an RPi (program once and run headless?) and "Tasmota-ize" the Sonoff devices. An "ad-hoc" network (ip addresses are hard coded) Once that's done, programming the switches to to the lights in HA is very simple.

    Downside is that RPis are about US$175! Each switch and each light would need a Sonoff device (>$10 each)

    Just a thought.

    Good luck


  • Thank you very mcuh for your reply, i'll defintely take a look to the sonoff devices if it can suits my need.
    In the same time regarding eclettis, i contacted them and their reply is that :
    *Our commands for home automation systems are simple normally open commands so they can be connected to every system.

    Just pay attention before connecting the device: ensure that the working voltage is properly configured in order to avoid to damage the device. *
    So i'm still looking in the same time for battery powered 4 way transmitter and corresponding receiver for DC system, on the top of that everything is dimmable led light...

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