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  • hello
    yes the title of the post is not clear (I did not find another one) 🙂
    it means, how to regulate the sending of messages on the Controller/Gateway.

    In test for the reading of the Electric consumption, I found many sketches and some with MySensors.
    Here is the one of restraint: texte du lien

    The Problem and a burst of dialogue from the Messages, too much dialogue.

    On the sketch there is a line with : SEND_FREQUENCY_FULL
    but it doesn't work, nothing in the *.cpp and *.h files either
    I think that when a Library passes from hands to hands, some elements are deleted in part.

    Question :
    how to delay the sending of the values ?

    which choice ?
    . a [ SendTime = currentTime - previousMillis ] well placed in the program ? (it didn't work )
    . planting [Wait(time)] (nothing grows)
    . use Echo received and delay the send ? Echo receive
    . contact Henry Walton Jones Jr. to learn more about the origin of the library?
    (I don't have his number, and he's getting too old)

    The Genesis of the librayry ? : LibTeleinfo Gitub

    Thank you for your help

  • This post is deleted!

  • hange of direction, we forget the problems mentioned above, another bookstore.

    The project : reading of the values of an Electric meter with sending of the values on the bus RS485, from Node To Node.

    . ATmega328 (uno) / TIC demodulator / RS485 shield
    . ATmega328 / OLED / RS485 shield

    text alternatif


    wiring diagram

    2 sketches in txt file

    the latest version of the MicroQuettas (9.4 KB)

    ... functional project 💅

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