HassOS + serial gateway with MyController

  • Greetings,
    I see folks are getting some success in doing OTA firmware updates with a network connected gateway. I've got a serial connection on my gateway node tied directly to the RPI. If I were to use MyController to do firmware updates, can I add a serial node to the network and be able to make it work? I guess the code updates would be node to node communication in this case, but am unsure. I really don't want to try to re-tool the gateway connection to something network based. I also see there is some work by one of the Home Assistant devs to add the OTA firmware options directly, but that was 2018 and it appears no further work has been done nor has it been merged into mainline code.. Github link to repo

    I'm also trying to not totally mess up the home assistant integration's view of the network, so I'm a bit hesitant to "just try it" and see...

    Anyone have success with a serial gateway on Home Assistant and using another controller via a second node to do OTA firmware updates? BTW, I'm running on LowPowerLab's Moteino's with the stock DualOptiBoot and local flash memory, so I should be able to accept the firmware OTA.

    I'd even be happy with a CLI tool that can talk via a local serial node to do the OTA firmware update...


  • Hi, friend!
    He also became interested in the Home Assistant system, but was upset by the lack of support OTA.
    I use a system Majordomo for MySensors devices and my Ethernet-RS485 gateways are based on ENC28J60.
    And I found such an idea for myself - to implement a proxy for the TCP protocol in order to implement a parallel connection to the gateway of two systems at the same time.
    I tested this solution and it turned out to work - I was able to flash via OTA , while simultaneously receiving data in Home Assistant.
    Perhaps this idea will be of interest to you.

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