Request the status of a Home Assistant entity that is not defined in the MySensors integration?

  • I am trying to use a battery powered node to control a window blind. The sleep function does not cooperate well with a control entity due to the sleep delay interfering with the acknowledgement timing.
    I saw in another post that there is no "optimistic" mode available with the MySensor integration.

    Does anyone know if it is possible for a node to request the status of home assistant entity that is not defined as part of the MySensor integration?

  • With some logic in home assistant like in an automation or node red, this is possible. Use a helper function to set the state, and request that status from the node

  • Thanks for the response. Can you be more specific about how to request the status from the node?
    My understanding is the request format is:
    request (Child_ID, VariableType);
    But if the Home Assistant entity that I want to request the status of is not a MySensors entity it will not have a Child_ID. So how do I format the request statement?

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