Domoticz Beta for MySensors official support?

  • Do i need to install Domoticz beta version to get official mysensors support? Does anyone have a tutorial to setup ethernet gateway with domoticz?


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    @kunall Probably. I built Domoticz on an RPI2 recently and it included MySensors hardware/device support out of the box so to speak. I followed the "Installing from Source" instructions here. which means that my install included the latest and greatest from the Domoticz development team.

  • @blacey Thanks!! I followed your instruction. Works great. It detected some of my sensor noted out of the box. However, I'm not sure how to send a command to Turn On/Off light? It is asking me Action ON and Action OFF like shown here:

    Screen Shot 2015-04-26 at 5.44.01 PM.png

  • @blacey, I also built and installed from the head of the Domoticz trunk a few days ago on my Raspberry Pi 2. Although it runs initially after a few minutes the web server side of the application crashes and burns. Have you experienced anything like that when running it on your Pi 2?


  • @blacey I didn't know you into Domoticz.

    What's up @kunall....I will like to see where this project goes from a user perspective.

  • @kunall which light do you want to turn on/off? mysensors based? or zwave or anothers?
    and anyway On Action/Off action it's only an additional query, for example when you turn on/off the light you want to open some url or script then you have to put your url/script there. but it's better for you to use LUA script for automation.

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    @kunall On/off is automatic for a "switch". You should not have to do anything other than "switching" in the user interface after you have defined it. The "On Action" and "Off Action" are additional for executing external scripts.

  • @raditv @AWI Thats what I thought about On/Off action. I'm trying to on/off mysensors relay actuator. My relay actuator has a physical button. Domoticz detects my relay actuator and also updates the state if I toggle the physical button. But it does not turn on / off the relay actuator from domoticz UI. Any idea why?

    Here is my Domoticz log
    Screen Shot 2015-04-26 at 10.41.03 PM.png

  • @jeylites After success with OpenHab, I wanted to give a try to Domoticz. Lets see how it goes. I will keep you updated!

  • @kunall which sketch did you use for relay with button? did you modify the sketch?

  • @raditv I used the default sketch given in examples for Relay actuator on mysensors. I checked my ethernet gateways debug log, it seems that its not receiving any command from Domoticz at all.

  • I see, I never check ethernet script for domoticz, maybe there's a bugs there. I'll check it anyway. but if you try serial gateway, it will run

  • @raditv Yeah, let me know if you face any issues with ethernet gateway. I will give a try to serial gateway, right now!

  • @hawk_2050 I had few crashing issues today when I installed from source code. It ran fine for a while, got me excited and then started crashing. So I went ahead and installed from stable binary. So far no issues except I can not turn on/off light from the UI. Not sure if its the ethernet gateway issue or domoticz'.

  • @raditv @hek I can confirm that the Light turns on/off with Serial gateway. Just tried it and it works. However it does not work with ethernet gateway sketch. Any solution to make it work with ethernet?

  • @blacey Are you running Serial or Ethernet gateway for Domoticz?

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    I've installed monit, to keep an eye on my domoticz install, It restarts it automaticly if it crashes.

    I'm using serial GW for mine, and only have 2 Sensors (mysensors micro type) connected at the moment. (and some virtual presence detection "sensors" running on my router.

  • if you dont want to install anything to restart domoticz when it's crash. you can put crontab to check it with bash script like this

    put this on your cront :

    */1 * * * * sudo /opt/Domoticz/scripts/ 2>&1 >> /dev/null

    and this is

    # check domoticz
    sudo service status
    # if not found - equals to 1, start it
    if [ $? -eq 1 ]
    sudo service restart
    echo "Domoticz running - do nothing"

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