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  • hey guys,

    Is it possible to change the type of switch, from a toggle to a debouncer on Vera U1. The reason I'm asking is, I'm trying to control my 3 speed digital fan switch and I need to cycle through its function with a debouncer. And also I'm planing to use the same method to control my electric curtain's debouncer switch. An ON/OFF toggle wouldn't make sense for this application.

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    I'm not sure of your nomenclature for a "debouncer"

    currently you have Binary (On/Off) 'switch' device type on Vera and you want to use what device type instead? you are looking for a four position switch OFF, 1, 2, and 3.

    take a look at this example on the Vera forum:

  • So on Vera , currently I have a Binary (On/Off) 'switch'. Slide left to turn OFF and right to turn ON. I want to change that to a denouncer so I don't have to slide back and forth to cycle through the functions. For the fan OFF, 1,2,3 is controlled with a single debouncer button. I will like to hardwire it to the Arduino Relay Actuator. As for my gate, open and close is controlled by a single debouncer switch.

    Essentialy, I will like to setup Vera to do a push to turn ON. Sort off.... pretty much a tac switch setup.

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    You might like to try to create a scene in Vera that takes your switch and turns if off when it gets triggered (by being turned on) and put in a few seconds delay. That would convert your binary toggle vera device to a "momentary" or pushbutton style of button, which I think is what you are trying to describe. Turn it on, it does its action when turned on, and then the scene turns it off.

    Very easy to do that way.

    Another approach would be to add a luup.variable_watch in your startup lua and a function that that will turn of the switch for you.

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  • @BulldogLowell

    I like your idea on both options but I think I'm going with the first one. Out of curiosity, how do you add luup.variable_watch? By changing the luup will that change it from a slide to a push, cosmetic wise?

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    In option 2 you would be adding a startup script on your Vera that uses the luup.variable_watch function to wait for the event and then run a lua function that turns off your switch.

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