Serial Gateway Board

  • Just some pics of my Serial gateway board. Making it tidy to live in the airing cupboard.


    decided to add the led's but forgot the switch, will add it later


    And with nano and rf board


    Just need to print a nice box now.

    Oh and are the led's meant to be on all the time and flash off? cos they do. And damn, those blue led's are bright. (didn't have a yellow), doubles as a light for the cupboard.

  • And this is what I thought for a box, tunnels for the led's to shine through the lid.


  • Well I just received a RF board with external antenna so my box hopefully will now look like this.


  • Finished and installed. Little bit of fickering to get it in, I forgot to take into account the big solder blobs on the bottom of the antenna connector.




    The lights are more distinct than the photo shows, my phone obviously really likes red.


    Now back to nodes :)

  • Wow, nice.

    I like the LED tunnel idea, only thing I don't like is the colour :smile:

  • I can't disagree on the colour, but I couldn't be bothered changing out the filament that was loaded, it could have ended up not fitting and I would have wasted it. I may redo when I load up some white.

  • Mk 2 box in white ABS, the lights don't look like the picture they are more distinct.


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