S_Moisture + V_Moisture?

  • When it comes to measuring moisture levels of soil probably other things as well, a dedicated sensor type would be nice. Other types could be used for that purpose, but having a dedicated type seems straight forward to me.

  • Admin

    Not sure what unit to measure the uncalibrated analog value from a moisture probe.
    Found this article but it is hard to apply for these cheap sensors. Reporting the uncalibrated value to the controller is IMHO quite un-useful.

    I've mostly used the trimpot and the digital output to get an alarm when the level has gone below a threshold. Acting as a DOOR/WINDOW or some other binary device on the controller. Maybe, we need to add a S_MOISTURE to distinguish the devices. It will only add cosmetics (icons etc) to the controller GUI at most.

  • Looks like, there's actually no proper unit. They seem to be somewhat relative. But that's nothing of our concern, I think. Just reading the sensors analog value and handing it to the controller would be good enough. How to interpret the values is the controllers job. Having proper symbols in the GUI is another good reason to add it.
    What do you think?

  • Thanks for adding it in version 1.5 😃

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