Updated support to serial version 1.5

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    Hi All,

    All new downloads from the regular download and the builder download will now offer mysensors 1.5 support. All though 1.5 is backwards compatible with 1.4 I have noticed some changes in the serial protocol between them which can influence usages:

    The serial protocol for V_TYPES provides id's to PiDome via the serial gateway. Some V_TYPES share the same id. This has some consequences:
    When you use V_LIGHT please update this to V_STATUS. They share the same V_** type id. The reason:

    When i receive id "2" I need to check if you are using or V_LIGHT or V_STATUS and update the correct one. This means also that you can not use them both within the same sensor id. If you are using these both, but with different sensors you will be safe.

    The above also applies to V_DIMMER and V_PERCENTAGE where V_PERCENTAGE will get precedence above V_DIMMER.

    When you have upgraded the server, or starting with a fresh install, the log will show when a non preferred variable is used and tells to update.

    Because you create device skeletons and have for example 10 of the same devices added to the server, only updating the skeleton will suffice as all devices will be updated.

    The follwing V_** types are affected (1.4 namings):
    V_HEATER -> V_HVAC_FLOW_STATE (name of the var has been changed for id 21),
    V_HEATER_SW -> V_HVAC_SPEED (name of the var has been changed for id 22)

    Cheers and happy updating!

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