Nubie help please

  • Hi all,
    When can I find an explanation of the values below please? The 106-106 I take is the nodeid, but what about the -0? , s=1 or s=2, Temperature and Humidity, but what are the c=1, t=0,pt and l-5 values?

    2015-09-25T13:19:37.7152470+02:00 DEBUG MySensors Read: 106-106-0 s=1,c=1,t=0,pt=7,l=5:26.2
    2015-09-25T13:19:37.7228050+02:00 INFO MySensors N106S1 Sensor.Temperature 26.2 -
    2015-09-25T13:19:37.7363030+02:00 DEBUG MySensors Read: 106-106-0 s=2,c=1,t=1,pt=2,l=2:40
    2015-09-25T13:19:37.7410300+02:00 INFO MySensors N106S2 Sensor.Humidity 40


  • Hi,

    this message translates to:
    106-106-0: sender of message - last node (when relaying) - destination (0 is gateway)
    s=1: sensor child-id is 1
    c=1: message type presentation
    t=0: subtype temperature
    pt=7: payload-type float
    l=5: length of payload: 5 byte (4 byte float, 1 byte precision)

    other message:
    t=1: subtype humidity

    see also:

    hope this helps

  • Thanks so much, it does help a lot!!

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