After update to v1.5 no inclusion LED anymore

  • In v1.4 a yellow LED was slowly blinking while in inclusion-mode; this was nice. For me this was in v1.4.1 to be exact.
    Today I updated to 1.5 and not only is the (optional) switch now reversed, but the LED only blinks ones when it finishes.
    The switch was for me easy to fix because I had pins for default-closed as well but the LED is a pity.

    I'm running a serial gateway with a VeraLite UI7 with the updated UI7 files. Nice graphics!

    Edit: typos

  • Admin

    There is an option REVERSE_LEDS something in MyConfig.h

  • Thanks, I knew about that but that is not what I was looking for. When the switch is pushed OR in the webGUI the button 'Start' is clicked on, the LED does not react. It used to blink continuously in v1.4 while in 'discovery' mode'.
    Otherwise the LED's do work fine for RX and TX so I know the yellow one for inclusion does work.

  • Admin

    Ok, think this functionality was removed when the blinking stuff was incorporated into the library.

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