Possible for novice to create PCB?

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    Eagle is much easier than it looks. I started a few ago with my first pcb. After looking one or two tutorials, i got my first successful schema. Just give it a try. One evening and a beer or glass of wine is enough to learn eagle.

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    I don't want to start another Eagle - kicad flame war here, but I would recommend kicad for the following reasons:

    • Open source. Always the safest option if you want to use open hardware licenses (some are more demanding when it comes to tools than other)
    • limitless in terms of board size, layers, number of holes, etc.
    • good MySensors support in terms of common modules and components related to MySensors networks (see tbowmo's link above) (the core team uses kicad for all new "official" boards (and quite some unofficial too))

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    I second on the opensource, and open hardware licenses.. I know that I can't get into any legal mumble jumble, when using kicad. And as I make use of open hardware licenses, I know that others can open / edit my files, without getting into any legal twists, due to the chosen layout program.

  • I am trying to install the Kicad Mysensors library on a windows maching but don´t get it.

    I have added

    MYSGITHUB & https://github.com/mysensors-kicad
    then it says I should

    "On Windows, KiCad does not permit free-text entry to this location. Instead you have to edit your environment variables and add a "User variable" named MYSLOCAL instead (with the appropriate value)."

    What should I do ? and are there more steps?

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    I think it was @blacey that wrote the windows specific stuff. I haven't got a windows machine (where I am allowed to install kicad). My pc simply refuses to start with windows (BSOD). So I am unable to help you on that part.

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    @Cliff-Karlsson yes, you need to add a user variable on Windows. If you are unfamiliar with this here is a link to help you out. Replace PATH with MYSLOCAL.

  • Thanks but what are the "appropriate value"?

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    @Cliff-Karlsson said:

    Thanks but what are the "appropriate value"?

    From the text: "The path must be named MYSLOCAL and it should point out the root of your cloned libraries."

  • I have tried and failed trying to add the mysensors.org items to kicad. If anyone have time I would really apricioate a step by step instruction.

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    @Cliff-Karlsson can you be more specific on what information you lack? There are detailed instructions in the repos for how to set it up: https://github.com/mysensors-kicad/part_management

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