Request: Humidity and temperature sensors calibration variable.

  • Newby,

    Maybe it is somewhere implemented already but could not find it.
    Is it possible to add an Humidity and temperature correction variable to the programs?
    I see some difference between sensors and calibrated values. Would be nice to correct it with #define +/– setting for humidity and temperature to calibrate the sensor a bit to the right level.
    I just started to join my Sensors and like it very much!


  • Contest Winner

    Hi Wim,

    I think it's something you'd typically do in your Controller. I don't know about the other controllers, but I can calibrate the temperature sensors in Domoticz.

  • You can do this right in the sketch. Upload the standard sketch, check your readings, find your delta, and then modify your sketch to accommodate.

    Or, use the offset feature in Domoticz, if that is the controller you are using.

    And if you really need an accurate measurement, don't forget to check your readings at multiple setpoints. The math for calculating your offset would then become a little more difficult, but any basic calc knowledge and you've got it.

  • Hi Theo,

    Ha Ha Duh... it never came up to me to look there 😕 I am using Domoticz to thanks 😃 itworks calibrated now.

  • Contest Winner

    @wim Glad that I could help.

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