Serial Gateway 1.5 - LEDs not working any more

  • Hi,
    the leds at my SerialGateway are not working. No LED lights up when receceiving - trasmitting - inclusion mode. Is there something to be done with 1.5

    I tested with the blink sketch and all leds are fine.

    Many Thanks


  • @Meister_Petz Did you uncomment #WITH_LEDS_BLINKING in the Arduino/libraries/MySensors/MyConfig.h (here) ?

    You could also try to uncomment the INVERSE definition (here). This will light up all LEDs, and turn the off when something is happenind. At least for debugging this could be useful.

    If you using mysensors from the development branch, watch out, because the #define names have changed (here).

  • Same problem here,

    very randomly only blink once when press reset button on node (or upload sketch)

    And something else... what about :

    #define MY_RANDOMSEED_PIN 7 // A7 - Pin used for random generation (do not connect anything to this)

    Must be pin 21 for A7 ?

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