Problem with adding new sensor

  • Hi Everyone,

    Can someone help explain why, when adding new sensors the following happens:


    In this example i just added a new relay sensor (Arduino light 1:3).

    If I then manually delete "Arduino Node 1" everything starts working:




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    Restarting Vera and refreshing your browser would probably give the same result as deleting the device..

  • I've tried restarting the vera, my USB gateway and the sensor without luck. In fact if i don't manually delete the "Node 1" sensor my other sensors stop working.

    Just curious why this is happening. Other than this bug i can't believe how easy everything was to setup !

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    try to flash the EEPROM

    sometimes you need to reset the radio ID, in my experience

    * This sketch clears radioId, relayId and routing info in EEPROM 
    #include <SPI.h>
    #include <EEPROM.h>  
    void setup()  
      for (int i=0;i<512;i++) {
        EEPROM.write(i, 0xff);
    void loop()      
      // Nothing to do here...

  • @BulldogLowell

    Thanks i will try this over the weekend.

    I actually found a post from Hek on,16170.msg158102.html#msg158102

    Which says "The -node (or -relay) device is automatically created for every Arduino in your sensor network. "

    So its interesting that i'm deleting this yet everything is still working :)

  • Manged to fix this buy re-installing all the Vera Plugins. Thanks for everyone's suggestions.

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