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    My apologies if this subject has already been addressed but I have tried to search the help forums and nothing has turned up. I'm sure plenty users are aware that as of Arduino v1.6.2 the recommended method for installing new libraries is to use the Library Manager feature. Thus far, the feature has been a handy way of making sure various libraries are kept up-to-date while minimizing compatibility issues.
    As far as I can tell, MySensors is still recommending users install the MYS library using the legacy method, which seems to cause some confusion with the current method for tracking changes within supported libraries in the manager. For example, the IDE seems to only recognize the default version of the Dallas Temperature library instead of the custom version bundled with MYS. This results in compile errors and I can't seem to simply replace the old library without updating through the manager... Is there any reason why MySensors needs to be installed using the legacy method? Are there any efforts underway to make it more compatible with the Arduino IDE. If not, how can we avoid conflicts without having to disable either the library manager or MySensors?

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    It's kind of on the road map for release 2.0.0 of the library (we don't have an official road map yet though).

    And no, I do not know when 2.0.0 would come out 🙂

  • Is there a recommended method for managing library conflicts in the meantime? Or do we have to use two separate versions of the Arduino IDE?

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    I use linux for my dev machine, but I have mysensors checked out with git in ~/gits/tbowmo/Arduino, I have then symlinks from ~/Arduino/library to the library in the github dir, and the same from ~/Arduino/hardware to the corresponding github dir.

    I'm only playing with mysensors in arduino anyways, so I don't miss any thing else at the moment.

  • That's an interesting approach! I also maintain my Arduino Sketchbook using Git. In fact, I even created a little tutorial about it on-
    Are you on If so would you mind reposting the above mentioned steps to the tutorial comments? I think it would add a whole new dimension to the concept of sketchbook management using git...

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    I'm not on (have never heard about it before now)