DallasTemperatureSensor not sending info to domoticz

  • Hello everyone.

    After building my first lightsensor I decided to also build my first temperature sensor.

    Only problem is that domoticz only see the sensor one time and do nothing with it..

    And with my lightsensor I see in the domoticz log that the info is sending multiple times.

    Does have anybody a sollotion ?

    Btw this is my second mysensors build haha.

  • Hi

    I think it would be easier to get help if you give more information about your setup, like

    What is sending the data?
    What is receiving the data?
    How does the code look like in sender and receiver?
    What have you tried to solve it?

  • The data is send with the NRF24L01+ Radio and received by a ethernet gateway.

    The picture is how the log of Domoticz look like on the moment.
    As you can see one time is connected but it doesn't send any data.

    Schermafbeelding 2016-01-05 om 21.20.19.png

    Can you maybe tell me where i can find the code what is send and received. Don't know where to look.

  • Solved, Always check the wires....

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