Vera Edge and Mysensors Ethernet gateway - "Cannot send command"

  • Hi,

    I wonder if anyone has got an advice for me...
    I'm using the Ethernet version of the mysensors gateway. I have been able to
    include sensors and have received values from them.
    Every now and then Vera seems to "lose" the gateway:
    "MySensors plugin : Cannot send command - communications error"
    When pinging the gateway it is not found, so I guess it is a gateway-related problem.
    Anyway, I then reboot the gateway (and can ping it again). And then I do all kind of stuff to make Vera connect again like restarting LUUP, resetting Vera and so on. And eventually it'll start working again. Until the next hick-up.
    Ideas anyone? I'm using a Sainsmart Ethernet shield on a UNO board. Power supply is a 12V 1A wall wart into the UNO board. The only possible problem I'm aware of is the fact that the Ethernet chip seems to be getting quite warm. I've
    even attached a little heat sink because of that. No fan.


  • well, not that agressive but I'm also experiencing some issues with the GW with this configuration.

    I mainly use the system to gather information, not a lot of actuator yet, so I ended up setting an IP watcher and I'm seeing the GW dropping from network very often.

    In my case it self-repairs and comes back online in less than a minute.

    Wondering if any other is having this experience as well.

  • I had problem with my Ethernet gateway for a long time being unstable (chronicled here -> the radio communication with sensors would work fine, but the Ethernet stack would lock up periodically and lose communication to Vera, as well as ping, telnet, etc.

    I don't have the exact same setup you do (most specifically, I have a different Ethernet shield), but a couple of changes have really stabilized my gateway. I can still crash it, at will 🙂 (mostly when trying to include new sensors), but If I leave it the hell along and don't mess with it, it will run for weeks or months without issue.

    The link below was a big part of stabilizing it, but may not be relevant to you with a different Ethernet shield, but the other thing that made a big difference for me was making sure I power my radio separate from the Ethernet shield. It seems that both could not be powered through the Arduino and remain stable. I don't know if the Arduino can't source enough current to support both when the radio is transmitting, or what, but someone else suggested powering the radio separately. So, I have a the shield powered (obviously) through the Arduino, but I power the radio separately outside the Arduino. That didn't fix everything, but it got a LOT more stable after that.

    Anyway - may or may not help you, but it did me.


    my network issue that may or may not apply to you.....


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