Problems with ethernet gateway , "MySensors plugin : Cannot send command - communications error:"

  • Hello there I am having problems getting my gateway going.

    I've followed the instructions for building the gateway and loading the code. The device is visible in devices, however I keep getting the messaage

    "MySensors plugin : Cannot send command - communications error:"

    My set up is a Vera Edge UI 17.

    Fundino Mega 2560

    An ethernet shield :- based upon the W5100 chip ... Miroad Ethernet Shield W5100 Micro-sd Card Slot for Arduino 2009 UNO Mega 1280 Mega 2560 Nano Duemilanove K15.

    This is shield so not wired with wires (as its a shield ) as per the instructions but looking at the pins 10 11 12 and 13 are not available on the shield (marked with a bar) so looks like it's using the same pins as the example.

    I'v followed the script changes for the 5100 library file set port to 5003 and an ip address of

    I can ping the address and get a response.

    The device seems to have installed and is can be seen in devices.

    Ive put the ip adress in the devices advanced tab

    But I cant get past the error "MySensors plugin : Cannot send command - communications error:" which shows in hilighted blue type at the top of the vera screen when I log into it.

    If I ignore the message and try to enrole a sensor it doesnt find it

    Any suggestions would be really appreciated.

  • @Simon-Marshall

    How did you wire your radio? Mega is different than UNO, see this thread.

  • Het Dwalt, thanks for the link, followed the instructions ... but it didn't work for me. So Ive used the pinouts listed in the post (plus the ss line from pin d10 identified from the arduino-ethernet-shield-06-schematic.pdf ) with my nano. Then I linked up the ICSP and power lines up and ... hey presto i've got a functioning (if not a little spaghetti like) ethernet gateway.

    Thanks very much