Dual Gateways

  • Is it possible to have a single GW with MQTT and a normal GW for Vera or two GW that talk to the same sensors??


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    I don't think that you can with a 328p as a gateway.

    There are other options though. You could run nodered between your GW and vera/MQTT. @Anticimex is doing something in that area (not MQTT though) where he "shares" one GW between Vera and domoticz.

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    Indeed, I use node-red for this. It also has nodes for MQTT but I have not looked into MQTT at all. My setup is a single rf24 based gw which through node-red interfaces with Vera, domoticz, myscontroller and on occasion, mycontroller. It can also push notifications to pushbullet, mail or other endpoints (through add on nodes in node-red). From a controller perspective, node-red uses serial nodes, which in turn become tcp ports through socat that the controllers connect to believing they interface with an ethernet gw.

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