Relay on MQTT Gateway 2.0 error

  • Hi,
    I have installed relays (and other sensors) on the MQTT Gateway, I a using the latest version of MySensors development branch, HomeAssistant 11 and 12 (I think this shouldn't matter, since use MQTT). If the CHILD_ID use the same number on the Gateway as any of nodes, the relay on the gateway react also when I use the relay on the node! When command direct the relay on the gateway, they works fine.
    So, the relays on the gateway react if their CHILD_ID is the same with any nodes in the network, the gateway switches doesn't look for the NODE_ID.
    Should I insert something special in the gateway sketch when use sensors/switches, like check the node number?

  • Until the problem will be solved, the solution is to use other range numbers for gateway relays, I go for single numbers in nodes (1, 2 ...) and high range for the gateway (101, 102...). I also have updated my examples on GitHub and use this approach to my project very close to final stage.

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