Adding WebConfig to ESP8266 Gateway

  • I've setup up an ESP8266 Gateway with MQTT (using sketch in Dev branch). Connection to AP & MQTT broker is working fine.

    Rather than having the wireless AP credentials hardcoded I would like the ability to include the WebConfig UI developed by John Lassen here. This would also allow me to experiment with different MQTT brokers without reprogramming the GW.

    I started with the GatewayESP8266MQTTClient sketch and tried to merge the WebConfig sketch but it doesn't seem very doable. Even when separating the EEPROM space the GW seems to continuously try to take over the Wifi configuration and override anything the WebConfig code is doing. Is something doable at all? Any suggestions on how ones goes about doing such a merge? Would it be easier to start with a non-ESP8266 gateway sketch and then merge the WebConfig stuff?

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    @Iyad-Nahas This is a feature I've been dreaming about since I ported MySensors to ESP!
    I had a quick look at the code and it seems doable. The biggest issue you'll probably encounter is that all the WiFi stuff is hidden since MySensors 2.0beta.
    Maybe @hek can point you in the right direction?