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  • Hello I've been using the arduino-mk Makefile for my project instead of using the IDE as I generally program using vim anyhow, why fire up the IDE when you can just 'make' and
    'make upload'?

    Anyhow, I'm also interested in this project. But when I combine the two I get errors like:

    fatal error: MySensor.h: No such file or directory

    my Makefile is pretty simplistic:

    include /home/george/git/Arduino-Makefile/
    ARDUINO_LIBS     = SPI MySensors DHT

    USER_LIB_PATH is computed to be:

    - [DEFAULT]            USER_LIB_PATH = /home/thoth/sketchbook/libraries

    and the MySensors folder is in there:

    ls ~/sketchbook/libraries/MySensors 
    core  drivers  examples  keywords.txt  library.json  MyConfig.h  MySensor.h  tests

    Is anyone else using the arduino-mk Makefile? And if so any hints as to what might be wrong here?

    note I've tried with latest everything on Archlinux, and using a docker container with debian jessie here:

    same result in both environments

    *Note in debian I use this include line:

    include /usr/share/arduino/

  • I don't seem to be getting any replies here, so I'm moving to github here:

    joshuacox created this issue in mysensors/Arduino

    closed Naming conventions #480