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  • Hello there,

    This is my first post, I am just getting started with using MyNodes which I picked mostly because of my .Net background.

    So, this is what I would like to do. When door is closed I would like to turn on the light but only at certain time of day (between 20:00 and 0:00) and if some other light is switched on. Is it possible to do that?


  • @callah
    I think it is easier to manage this from your controller as an arduino does not come with a real time clock and would need to get regular time updates.

  • @parachutesj I am very well aware of that. But what I'm asking here is how to do this from MyNodes.net? Sorry for not making that clear. If that can't be done is there any other controller that would support this?

  • You need to build it using few nodes, something like this:

    the "Clock" node is giving the current hour, the "Constant" nodes are the range of hours, the "Check in Range" node will output a 1 only when the hour is in the range.
    Then you have a AND with the "Door" switch and after you have AND with the "Light" switch.
    Result - light will be on only if time is in range and door is on and light is on.

    This is how i would do it i dont know if there is any easier way other then writing your own custom node, you said you are a .NET programmer so it shouldn't be hard.
    Writing few custom nodes my self i can tell its very straight forward.

  • @dpressle Thank you very much for taking time to explain all this. I was under the impression that Hour is only triggered when hour changes. But I might have missed something. When I come back from vacation I will try it.

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