Reuse old alarm system

  • I just bought a home, that has an alarm system, that is not being used. There is a sensor on every door and window, coming to a centralized location. I would like to set up a Arduino Mega to capture these 10 sensors.


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    @Skye-Turner So you have a wired alarm system where all the wires come together in one place?

  • Hi,

    You may be able to integrate your old system into an existing Home Automation controller (ex. OpenHab). What brand and model do you have?

  • @AWI Yes they all come to where the old control board was

  • @drock1985 There is no system board and am hoping to use HA as my system

  • @Skye-Turner

    Ok thanks, was hoping there was still a system board there; was hoping it would be as easy as this for you.

    As for ideas, you could use an Arduino Uno, Nano, or Mega and have all your sensors connect via external pull-up resistors to deliver a good clean signal. You can just use the example ReedSwitch sketch and just modify it for how ever many binary/reed switches you want to have.

    Also now that MySensors is on V2.0, you can use whatever method you choose to communicate to HA (NRF/RFM, Ethernet (Gateway and NODE on same Arduino), etc. I think even Wifi with the ESP8266 is an option.

    How do you intend on communicating your sensors with HA? Do you have an existing MySensors network?