Resend if communication fail

  • Re: resend if st=fail
    implemented that on 1.5.0 and worked like a charm.

    How can i implement that resend logic to a gateway in Version 2.0.0?

    There is no parseAndSend() function and i didnt see any function to get the ACK from sensore node.
    How is this done in 2.0.0?

    I have light switches with rf433 and movement sensors. That setup wont work if the communication isnt reliable.
    Any suggestions?

  • nobody know how to implement a safe communication with resend logic to 2.0.0 ?

    are you rely on a system with a "maybe" communication? really?

  • I would also be interessed in a solution for a resend if the communication fails.
    Currently I use this feature for all my sensors.

    Is it possible to use the following

    if (send(uvMsg.set(uvIndex,2)) == false)
         // resend

  • Admin

    Yes, but only if there is one hop between your node and the gateway. If you have a repeater in between, you'll have to ask for ack and do resent if the ack-message hasn't arrived after some timeout.

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