Port MySensors or my project?

  • I have a project I wrote last year in the Arduino IDE intended to intercept 433MHz signals sent from off the shelf sensors to their base stations. Currently I can capture 3 different hardware in the same sketch with an Arduino Uno. But, the 433MHz receivers I have tried do not have very good range. I have a RFM69 that I planned to pair with an Arduino at one point, but then found the ESP8266 and switched gears. I am now hoping to pair the RFM69 with a NodeMCU board to act as a 433MHz to WiFi MQTT gateway.

    The problem I have is that (as of May when I checked last) there is no RFM69 library for Arduino IDE that is ESP8266 compatible. There is a MySensors library that I could use, but it's not a direct plug-in. It currently works with the MySensors RFM MQTT gateway (haven't tried but purportedly works). I am not a programmer by trade, so I don't know if I'd be better off trying to modify the MySensors library to work with my code or take the logic out of my project and splice it into the MySensors gateway code. That project is a lot more advanced than I really need as I'm not intending to build MySensors nodes.

    I had been going back and forth on this for months and put it on the back burner as I was busy with other things. I'd like to pick this up again in another month or two and right now I don't have a plan. Perhaps someone has released a RFM69 Arduino library that is ESP compatible in the last few months. If so, a link would be awesome. If not, maybe some advice or point out the pitfalls I'm not thinking about?

    I posted my code on GitHub in case anyone else has use for the decoders.

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    Most of the RFM69 libs work with esp8266. I use mysensors with rfm69 and esp, or, radiohead and lowpowerlab. work too.